Miami-Yoder Schools Scores High Marks with New Security!

Miami Yoder School

Highway 94, which runs a ruler-straight path between Colorado Springs to the west and Kansas to the east, is about the only thing that breaks up the vista of lush green alfalfa fields and cattle ranches here in eastern Colorado. The town of Rush is one of several unincorporated towns that dot the highway, and is the rural home to a population of less than 750 people.

Located 40 miles east of Colorado Springs – the state’s second most populous city, nestled at the base of the iconic Pikes Peak in the Rocky Mountains – Rush is also home to the only school building in the Miami-Yoder School District, which for years struggled with many issues relating to its remote location and the poor conditions of its facilities. The district, which serves a 500-square-mile area of three counties in this rural part of Colorado, was spending a significant percentage of its budget on busing students elsewhere to provide them with services not available at the school because of its challenging facilities, location and budgetary constraints.

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